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Linda Hardman – Lead Teacher

Linda Hardman is the lead teacher and yoga therapist at Yoga To You Wellness Center which opened in 2015. Linda has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training and 100 hrs. in Yoga Therapy training since 2012. She is certified to teach Svaroopa® yoga through the Svaroopa Vidya Ashram in Downingtown,
PA. She is trained as a specialist in treating pain to assist clients with chronic pain caused by injury, active living such as sports or exercise, driving regularly, heavy lifting, or working at a desk. She is certified as a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher through the Institute for Trauma Studies in Boston to work with clients who have experienced traumatic experiences through military, hospitalization, accidental injury, or childhood abuse. Linda works with you as an individual to unlock the healing power within to address stress, anxiety, depression, illness, and pain.

Linda Hardman has been living and working on the Eastern Shore since 1998 when she moved here with her family from Washington DC. She was a bookseller with bookstores and national distributors for 20 years, then Purchasing & Operations Manager for the Audubon Naturalist Society and then National 4-H Council in Washington DC. She retired from Wicomico County in 2011 after nine years as Director of the Local Management Board establishing programs for after school, early childhood programs, mental health, positive youth development, and family support programs on the Lower Shore. She was the lead mediator in Frederick Community Mediation Center for 4 years as she trained to teach yoga. Linda has a Masters in Social Work from Salisbury University, she has experience in strategic planning, grant writing, and organizational development. She was certified in competency as a Community Mediator in 2014.

Svaroopa yoga helped improve movement in my leg I injured 10 years ago.


Supremely relaxing and healing!


My neck does not hurt after today’s session. I tell people that you work miracles!


This was the best class ever! You hit every place in my body that needed to release.


Going deeper with a therapeutic yoga will heal and restore your body faster and more targeted than most
other treatments.


Deeper Learning

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